Family Photos…nothing in my life has brought forth more story telling than sorting through albums and boxes and drawers of family photos. Some only a few years removed and some dating back more than a century. Faith...Love...Heritage. These are just some of the gifts given to me as those old pictures came to life through the memories they awoke.

My goal with photography is to preserve life's story.  The NOW of life is important and oh so fleeting!  A couple says, "I do" and a family is created...and it isn't long before life begins to change and grow at a seemingly increasing pace.  A new job...pregnancy or adoption...babies who grow to school children and then to empty nest appears as those teens graduate and begin life adventures of their own.  Suddenly, 20...30...40 years later and this family has a HERITAGE to pass along.  

I consider the trust my clients place in me to captures glimpses of their "nows" an honor.  One day all of those "nows" will string together to tell their story and preserve their heritage.

I'm a wife, mom, "dog-mom" and together we are a military family. Currently located in the Missouri Ozarks, we have lived in coastal North Carolina and, most recently, Jacksonville, Florida. I'm an unapologetic coffee snob and lover of history and classic cinema. I am passionate about my family and, more so, about my Jesus.


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The vastness of the horizon, the crashing of the waves, the power of the tide...
The beach never fails to remind me of the greatness of our Creator.


Plain drip BLACK, Espresso, Latte, Long Black, Iced, and so forth.  As long as it is fresh, the beans are quality and fresh ground, I am a fan. 

My Kiddos

These 3 are why I approach photography as I do.  I want the heritage my husband & I pass on to them to last for generations.  A picture isn't worth 1000 words for nothing.

My husband

I married up with this guy!  He is my best friend, greatest encourager, and lives Ephesians 5:25-31.  And after 17 years, he still makes my heart skip beats!

favorite things