Whether you’re already comfortable in front of the camera or you’re more on the camera-shy side, you should look and feel your best during your entire senior photo session. Here are four ways to prepare beforehand for a great photoshoot experience.

4 Top Tips for Picture-Perfect Senior Photo Session

As a professional in pretty much any arena, continuing education and training are “a thing”. Education, medical, technological…and photography. As a professional photographer, I am continually on the lookout for new training, image critic from industry leading mentors, and feedback from my clients. A few things I have been up to recently in order to […]

Professional Development

Do a quick search on Pinterest and you will find a ridiculous number of “must have” posts for your baby registry!  From generation to generation, mothers across the ages have prepared for the arrival of their babies…some more than others.  With all the trends that come and go, there are some essentials (necessary or “nice […]

Another Baby Registry “Must” List

        Thirteen years ago when our oldest was born, I had never heard of Birth Photography, and if someone had mentioned Fresh 48s I would have assumed they meant the hospital’s “Baby’s First Portrait” that has always made me think of a newborn version of school pictures.  [With our first, we bought […]

Why Hire for Birth or Fresh 48 Photography?

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post introducing my Celebrate Them package.  It was warm…It was nostalgic…It captured the “why” for creating it.  (I wish I could insert a link to it, but, alas, when I switched to a new website support service, most of my blogs were lost.)  To attempt […]

Celebrate Them

  For me photography is about capturing life’s moments. It’s not just “how big are the kids” or having a chance for our children laugh at what we think is fashionable at this point in time, but to intentionally capture our stories. At Robin McMurry Photography the goal is to help you preserve what is […]

RMP…Purpose Defined

Yesterday was a joy!  I got to head to Waynesville with this lovely young lady and my camera and relax behind my lens.  I adore quaint, historic downtowns and the one in Waynesville is quickly rising towards the top of my list!  And Hannah…Wow!  This gal is just as lovely as she appears, but don’t […]

Hannah in Waynesville

Y’all, I am so excited! I have a small studio space inside my home! It’s a large closet, but it’ll do. I have a couple of pieces of gear to procure and then I will have an option for individual portrait sessions when the weather does not cooperate. I’ve also checked out this room after […]

Studio Lost in the Woods

This is one of the first families we met upon moving to Fort Leonard Wood.  The beauty of military life is how quickly we build friendships.  The nasty part is that we build these friendships so quickly because the PCS (move) clock is ticking.  Thanks D. & K. for allowing me to create these images […]

Ragsdale Family

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