Humbled.  That is the word.  The very fact that you are reading this from a professional photography website…MY professional photography website…is both amazing and intimidating.  I can’t honestly say that the dream began the very first time I picked up a camera as a little girl, but the love of capturing tiny bits of history sure did.
I love history.  I am a student of it.  Biblical history, world history, American history…They all fascinate me.  But the history that has always resonated loudest with me is my own.  Where did I come from?  What past occurrences helped to shape my present?  Whose DNA combined to make the face that greets me in the mirror?  My eyes are the eyes of my Daddy and of his mother before him.  The dimple in my chin?  Well, that’s his too by way of his maternal grandfather.  That look I saw today from my son?  That is his Daddy’s imprint.  The one last week?  That was his Papa.  My oldest daughter reminds me of my Papaw with that same twinkle in her blue eyes.  They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  My goal with my camera is to capture that soul glimpse for future generations…mine and yours.


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