10 Family Photo Session Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re already comfortable in front of the camera or you’re more on the camera-shy side, you should look and feel your best during your entire senior photo session. Here are four ways to prepare beforehand for a great photoshoot experience.

4 Top Tips for Picture-Perfect Senior Photo Session

Story Photographer

The growing of one’s family is deeply personal. How we celebrate and document these special moments are just as personal. For this reason, Robin McMurry Photography offers a variety of sessions to photograph the arrival of your family’s newest little one: Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, In-home Newborn. I welcome the opportunity to discuss which one fits with your family.

Relax. Though it is listed as #10 on this list, it is really the most important.  The images that capture the spirit of your family are the ones when you are simply yourselves.  Yes, there are things you can do to make relaxing easier...that is what this list is for.  Trust the process and keep the treasure of your family as most important.  I'll take care of the rest.

I'm often asked as a photographer about my specialization. Typically, the inquiry is about genre: family, high school seniors, landscapes, etc. While I do have certain genres I photograph more than others, my specialty is providing curated photography service and archival products. That begs the question: What does that mean exactly? I'm glad you asked.



Family Photos…nothing in my life has brought forth more story telling than sorting through albums and boxes and drawers of family photos. Some only a few years removed and some dating back more than a century


At Robin McMurry Photography the goal is to help you preserve what is happening in your life now…those special moments that when you look back in 10 years…20 years…with the next generation. When we do that stories passed on help define our heritage. They tell where we come from. They tell who we are.