So Much to Learn

I have a camera.  I have an expanding portfolio.  You are on my website and could easily checkout my Facebook page.  I have a future session under contract and am hoping to land another two before week’s end.  My boxes for Federal, State, and local taxes and licensing have all been checked.  Robin McMurry Photography is OFFICIALLY open for business…Now what?
A friend took the two images above with her phone a few weeks ago.  I posted them to Facebook captioned “This is so much fun!” and it is (“It” being the actual taking pictures part).  I love interacting with my clients, watching them relax and enjoy themselves, and discovering with my lens just a bit of what makes them uniquely “them”.  It is fun visiting the same location with different clients and seeing it from a whole new perspective.
Even the post-session editing (see right) has its highlights.  Sure it can be a bit tedious, but exploring the ins and outs of each image and discovering how to bring out the richness and beauty within are awakening a creativity in me that I am not use to finding.
What I am quickly learning though is that the aspects of having a photography business I have mentioned so far are maybe 15-20% of what I do professionally!  I understood that owning a small business wouldn’t be all fun and games.  I expected business planning, budgeting, figuring out taxes, networking, and advertising.  What I didn’t expect was all the studying!  Seriously?!  I am daily uncovering some other “thing” I need to learn.  Using Mini Sessions to build a client base.  Tapping into the Senior Portrait scene.  Getting pets into family portraits.  Working with that 1-2 year old that is just saying “NO” to picture time.  Then there are the technical camera operations.  I see other people’s work and think, “Wow! I want to take that picture.” and then discover that there is much more involved than basic focus and exposure rules.  Webinars, photographer forums, online classes, and practice, practice, practice.  These are all the things that go into my workday.  Well, my photography workday.  My primary titles are still (and will continue to be) “wife and mom”.
Today, I begin a 30 Day Photography Challenge, and I foresee it taking more than 30 days.
Day 1: self portrait

​I don’t think this one qualifies as a “portrait” (and those 43 attempts before this even less so).  In color it is more lacking.  However, day 3 is suppose to be black and white so perhaps I can check that one off the list.  Maybe on Thursday I can successfully take an actual self portrait.  Between now and then, I’ll be studying techniques and thinking through backgrounds and lighting and depth of field.  Once my “day 1 assignment” is complete, I’ll have more studying to do.  For instance, what are “lens flare” and “dynamic tension”?
If anyone chooses to follow me along this journey, comments are welcome.  I won’t lie.  Strokes are nice.  But so is criticism when it is given for the purpose of growth.  Either way, let me know if you’re here.  I don’t like being lonely.

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