What Did I Say About History?

In my maiden post I made reference to my love of history.  Apparently it extends to camera history as well.  This is the relic I pulled down from storage today…

This is technically my husband’s, but since he doesn’t know how to make it work any better than I do, I’m going to claim it until such time as he does.  We have toted this piece from Texas to Mississippi, back to Texas, then South Carolina, again Mississippi, North Carolina, and now Florida.  But it uses…wait for it…actual FILM!  Like 35mm, wind it into place, manual advance, no batteries, no LCD preview screen, and (oh, the horror) waiting for a lab to process it before you know whether or not any photo you attempted to capture is any good! [BTW…There is apparently only one in-house processing store in a 20 mile radius of me.]  It has intimidated us…mocked us…and been hidden away until the day one of us had the courage to either learn to use it or find it a loving home.  Being the “belligerent” sort, I have finally decided to pursue the former.

​Now, I’m 40+ years old and this is NOT the first time I have used 35mm film.  I even remember the 110 stuff that I used in my very first camera.  I shot with a SLR (not digital) in college during that one year I was on the yearbook staff, but even it had an auto mode and focus. [For the record, I do not use auto in my portrait sessions.]  Until I bought my Nikon D3200, I primarily used the “point and shoot” style cameras.

​So, here is the cliffhanger…
​This old classic is loaded…Kodak 400 24exp…The first 10 frames are spent (and the data for each recorded with old-fashioned pen and paper).  The manual has been downloaded and printed.  My journey back in time begins.  Check back in early June for the results of my exploration.

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