For me photography is about capturing life’s moments. It’s not just “how big are the kids” or having a chance for our children laugh at what we think is fashionable at this point in time, but to intentionally capture our stories. At Robin McMurry Photography the goal is to help you preserve what is happening in your life now…those special moments that when you look back in 10 years…20 years…with the next generation. When we do that stories passed on help define our heritage. They tell where we come from. They tell who we are.

When I look back at old family albums it’s not the old tintype image, formal family portrait, or even yearbook photo that bring people to life, though they are part of the story and to be treasured (I do offer the more traditional portrait sessions). Those style of portraits, however, require either someone or something else to tell their story…to bring out their humor or passion or connection. Documentary or Lifestyle portraits are the ones that use life’s simple moments to tell those stories: a grandmother cooking with her grandchildren, teaching them “here’s how you crack an egg…here’s how you fold the batter”; a mom reading to her babies as they are cuddled around; maybe Dad teaching his children how to play a game or win a tickle war. Those are life’s precious moments and those are the ones that bring out the story. Hiring a professional photographer is a proactive way to tell what is important to you.

Are you newly married? This is a foundational time in your life as a couple. What is it that you like to do? Where is that special place you both like to go? Let’s go and photograph your session there. You and your spouse are a family. Your relationship…your now story deserve to be treasured.

Is your family growing? A pregnancy? An adoption? Let’s celebrate mom and dad anticipating adding this little person…or next little person…get siblings involved. I would love to be there to help you celebrate and capture that. Is it the moment of birth? Those first few hours after the baby is born? Is it settling into your home after the first couple of days with your new baby? We call those “lifestyle newborn sessions”…comfortable, relaxed. I am looking to expand RMP’s services to include these precious moments in 2019. [Formal certification and safety training are in process now.] Be on the lookout for some model calls in January and February.

Maybe you have a teen or a tween who needs a little extra love. They don’t think they are special. They think the world tells them they are not good enough, but you know the truth and you want them to see it. Talk to me about my Celebrate Them package. It’s something completely unique…not a standard package and is custom built for each person.

Graduating high school? That’s a major milestone. I remember my senior pictures. I remember going to a different town in a different county because I wanted something that reflected me and not something every classmate had. Let’s talk, Mom and Dad…Let’s talk high school senior…about how to truly snapshot who you are as you step into adulthood.

Are you and your spouse Empty Nesters? That whole part above for the “newly married”…Guess what? It applies to you too, only now you’ve built on that foundation. Celebrate the life you’ve created! Are your kids and grandkids visiting and you want to get that family gathering preserved?

This is life and it is to be treasured!

From the beginning, RMP’s theme has been “Capture the NOW…Preserve the HERITAGE” because one day a new generation is going to look at these photographs and they will want hear the stories. The saying goes “A picture tells a thousand words”. Let me capture those thousand words and help you tell your story.